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4 Years & How time flies

It was 4 years yesterday that Vicki passed away. So my daughter and 3 granddaughters  went with me to Lichfield Cathedral to light candles and write prayer cards, that done we left, although if I’d been on my own I would have stayed longer as there was a music and choir festival on.

We went outside and the girls played on the grass as others did, then as we made our way back  I did a fast getaway racing down the hill in my wheelchair, and waited for the others to catch up. I brought 2 Chinese take-away in small boxes, girls  wanted chocolate ice-cream, and we sat by the Minster Pool, afterwards  went to The Faro Lounge for coffee, bit of shopping after then home, Nikki and the girls left.

On my own again cats fed, more coffee then fell asleep, waking an hour later, just lately I’m getting tired a little more, must be (all the exercise I’m getting), before 8.30 (the time Vicki passed away) I switched on the lights in the garden and lit some candles, at 10pm lights off candles out I went to bed, I even remembered to alter the clocks.

Sunday afternoon I watched some recorded programs, The Best of Men, Hachi a Dog’s Tale ( Vicki loved this film) then My right To Die-Debbie’s Story, this is something Vicki didn’t agree with. I told her that she would live to spite me, how I wish it was so but sadly it wasn’t to be. They say with MS no 2 the same, well symptom wise  I have to say yes,  speech, swollen purple feet, painful multiple leg spasms’  and the way they both sat in the powerchair, not the weight loss, as Vicki was fed through a Peg in her stomach, as she couldn’t swallow (Dysphasia).

By this time Vicki didn’t have a say how her life would end, the last 12 months of her life had been a struggle, several chest infections Pneumonia and UTI’s, then seizures, into hospital and ITU on life support, and being told that the MS had damaged  her internal organs and would cause them to slowly shut down. I don’t know if Vicki new how ill she was, I certainly couldn’t tell her, it was bad enough telling family and friends, so I always tried to smile.

So now I often look back and smile thinking of the many happy memories I have, even telling her how and what I’m doing, especially when I go sit-skiing, some call it 3track, I like to think she is with me, That’s Life.  Carpe-Diem