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My Inroduction to Adaptive snow sport

My introduction to sit skiing was quite by accident, I went to Tamworth snow dome to see if I could manage the toboggan run, answer was no. One of the staff suggested I try sit ski and gave me a leaflet for adaptive snow sports run by DSUK, I read it and phoned them gave my details and booked my first lesson for my 67th birthday, a treat to myself, the day arrived my instructor was Duncan, I completed a form then instructions over off we went. Over the next couple of months, I had 4 more lessons plus a 3-hour group session.

The 2nd week in February I had a 4-day break in Aviemore, it was a long drive in my new car but so worth I had a fantastic time. Trying to describe to a none skier the feeling and exhilarations you get when skiing down a slope on a mountain is like watching paint dry, I’ve been told by someone who skis that when I talk about adaptive sit ski my eyes light up

After 5 months on a bi-ski and my last lesson with Paul Williams, I asked if I could try  mono ski, Paul said yes and to book last lesson on a Thursday, which I did.

My first mono ski lesson started near the bottom of the slope, I felt very easy, so different to a bi ski, so more technical have to learn again. I painfully found out base of the slope is very hard, compacted snow and ice, the next day I went to the Urgent care at my local A&E, tissue round my right shoulder and collar bone very swollen hardly move my arm, after some prodding and X-rays I was told nothing broken, just severe bruising. I had another lesson the next week so 2 days before I purchased some body armor, on the day I took out the chest and back protection, kitted out and into the mono ski, the lesson went fairly well I fell over a few times and didn’t feel it well hardly, that is until I hit the side barrier, and another visit to UC care next morning, left side chest very painful, bruise showing. I was greeted with the words didn’t you come here last week a skiing injury? I smiled said yes it’s my ribs this time, checked by the nurse a little prodding and told nothing broken and could take a while to heel. I’ve had 2 lessons since with 1 more on 26th May, I even tried wheelchair basketball on 21st, a 2-hour workout

Yes, there’s life in the old dog still.

A big thank you to Paul Williams, volunteers and the team at