Mother’s day remembered

March 9th 2013 11pm my wife was rushed to A&E and 4.30am Vicki was put on life support, and taken to Intensive Care. At 9am the consultant talked me through what had been done and what couldn’t be done to help Vicki survive.

Sadly, with the chronic PMS, lack of mobility, numerous chest infections and being confined to bed the last 5 years had taken its toll on her internal organs, he said if her heart stopped clinically there was nothing that could be done so the decision was made to take her off life support, so the process started.

So 10am on mother’s day when our daughter arrived I had to tell her, it was highly likely that her mother would not survive and was a question of when not if, but not to forget her mother had been fighting for a long time and didn’t give in easily.

Vicki came round in HDU 24 hours later, sadly she gave up the fight for life 15 days later.

This was 1 sad day out of many good and very happy memorable days.

My granddaughters said they’ve all made cards for their mommy, because they love her very much

So please for those who have a mom, give her an extra hug or 2 or more.




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