Day 2 & 3 SIT-SKI then Home

I had a better night’s sleep, woke at 5am looked out of the window no snow, decided on a coffee then a 2nd coffee. Hour later I looked out the window, snowing heavy couple of inches outside already, just hope there’s not too much on the mountain road.

A quick shower got dressed in ski cloths so I can have an early start, 8am now for a full cooked breakfast pot of tea, and away at 8.45. Arrived mountain car park 9.30, a little scary in places temp down -6, but road is clear except for the last mile. Was about 8-10 inches of snow up here I parked up wheelchair out sat at entrance waiting for Instructor. A little late we boarded the Funicular train to the top 1,097m.

Transferred from chair to sit ski, it’s not as cold and windy as yesterday, moved away from the entrance and off downhill for first run. Being able to see feel and here the fresh snow is unbelievable and exhilaratingly, 4 minutes down and 7 up not including putting the harness on to go back up. Second run this took 14 minutes because I hit some ridges I was off center in the seat, so stop reposition myself and away, this was a long run, back up on zip line harness put away and into third different run down , back up for final run quick chat with a couple of skiers, check leg restraints final run is called The Gun Barrel, narrow slopes each side and go faster snow, get as many tight turns as I can underneath the train tracks and stop at station half way down, board train up to the top and stop for hot chocolate before heading back down.

Chat on way down talked about possibility of coming back before end of snow season in April, told to keep an eye on website as fully booked till April 5th, said quick thank you as he had another lesson.

I pack away and headed down the mountain, halfway turned round went back, wheelchair out and into the lodge off car park for lunch. Left at 3pm back into the village brought some presents for the girls, topped car up with diesel, back to the Inn.

A couple of drinks hot chocolate then early night, long drive back home.

Awake at 6am shower coffee dressed pack all the gear in the car, inside for breakfast only cereal this morning, handed key in and just 1 stop to take some pictures. I decided to go back up mountain, wheelchair out onto the train going up top for a bacon roll and hot chocolate. I finally left Aviemore at 11am,

Journey back home wasn’t too bad, caught up with traffic south of Manchester arriving home 6.40pm, tired and aching, but it sure was worth it.


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