A Short Break in the Highlands


Monday I googled my trip to Aviemore early next morning, and I thought ******* that’s a long drive, from Glasgow it’s still about 3hours. Still I have my new car all topped up with diesel.

It’s 3am coffee then showered dressed car loaded up quick breakfast coffee, and 5am my journey starts. I stopped 4 times 1st just hot chocolate, 2nd was a Farm Shop services loo and tea and toast, 3rd to avoid traffic and 4th at Sterling services, a traffic update for the road to Inverness all clear. The A9 I enjoyed driving apart from a camper van travelling at 45mph, limit was 60 and 50 for HGV’s, views were excellent in the distance snow on mountain tops.

I arrived in Aviemore at 1.30pm, as I couldn’t check in till 4 I headed up the mountain to have a look around car park was full but found an empty BB bay and parked up. I found the DSUK office and met my instructor David Thomas, I chose the sit-ski and it was set up for tomorrow morning.

At the inn I was shown to my room, it was as they say adequate an end to a means somewhere to lay my head, the heating was sorted. Into the village for food then back for a drink before bed, Drambuie with hot chocolate, and to bed, my god the mattress and pillows were hard. I felt really tired and my spine was very painful from the drive up, so popped the pain pills, ended up lying on top of the duvet and had couple of hours’ sleep, pity I forgot morphine tablets they will be missed.

Up at 6am shower while kettle boils then 2 cups coffee dressed in ski gear went out to the car, -5 startup and defrost, then inside for cooked breakfast, now  off to the ski Centre. Met David at entrance then lift, train to the top, wished I’d used wheelchair instead of sticks. Into sit ski strapped in over to the start, my word its really cold -8 and wind building up (was told wind chill -15+) goggles down camera on and away for 1st run of the morning.

Can feel the bumps jarring my spine, last 3 runs the wind was really building now, goggles and gopro lens keep icing up, visibility very poor after 20m low cloud and sleet, difficult to see except for dark shapes, good job David’s telling me right/left center, finished run’s now down on the Funicular train, get wheelchair and back up mountain top restaurant for lunch and hot chocolate back to the village.

Into my room 4.30 chill with coffee or 2 then bar for drinks before early bed.



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