A Christmas Morning Anniversary

Well it’s nearly that time of year again the 25th to me it has different meanings.

The first is when I arrived from Burton-on-Trent at Vicki’s house 3am, greeted with a vision of a red headed girl standing in a lighted doorway in her nighty is something I will always remember, this would have been our 44th Christmas together, the 2nd is Vicki’s passing again on 25th.

This will be my 3rd Christmas morning alone, I will be returning from the service at Lichfield Cathedral, being alone after 41 years together is something you don’t plan for, but I am one of many who have lost a loved one, so in that respect I’m not alone.

MS has a lot to answer for, although it’s difficult to think what life would have been like without it after living and sharing MS for nearly 30 years

Enough of that, it’s about celebrations of passed life memories the present, future and what is yet to happen, you can’t hug a memory but you can love many memories, so when you wake up in the morning wake with a smile, be thankful and make plans to do anything you want to, hence my sit-skiing lessons indoors at the moment, I want to go to Scotland next winter on a longer run down the slopes.

Yesterday my 3 granddaughter’s and I took 2 large cakes that I had made to the A&E at my local hospital for Matron and others on duty, while talking to Matron Ellie Mae said  my grandad’s wife (she has called Vicki my wife a few times lately) was in hospital, he has a picture of me sitting on her bed with my mommy and she lives in the sky now, I have 2 nannies in heaven, times like that it’s hard not to get upset.

Earlier this week I was reminded of the frailties of life, in a card from friends I’d not seen for 2 years, so I phoned him, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor a few months ago the treatment is going very well and has set goals to reach, I’m hoping to go and see them sometime next month

I wish everyone who reads this a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year



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