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A Christmas Morning Anniversary

Well it’s nearly that time of year again the 25th to me it has different meanings.

The first is when I arrived from Burton-on-Trent at Vicki’s house 3am, greeted with a vision of a red headed girl standing in a lighted doorway in her nighty is something I will always remember, this would have been our 44th Christmas together, the 2nd is Vicki’s passing again on 25th.

This will be my 3rd Christmas morning alone, I will be returning from the service at Lichfield Cathedral, being alone after 41 years together is something you don’t plan for, but I am one of many who have lost a loved one, so in that respect I’m not alone.

MS has a lot to answer for, although it’s difficult to think what life would have been like without it after living and sharing MS for nearly 30 years

Enough of that, it’s about celebrations of passed life memories the present, future and what is yet to happen, you can’t hug a memory but you can love many memories, so when you wake up in the morning wake with a smile, be thankful and make plans to do anything you want to, hence my sit-skiing lessons indoors at the moment, I want to go to Scotland next winter on a longer run down the slopes.

Yesterday my 3 granddaughter’s and I took 2 large cakes that I had made to the A&E at my local hospital for Matron and others on duty, while talking to Matron Ellie Mae said  my grandad’s wife (she has called Vicki my wife a few times lately) was in hospital, he has a picture of me sitting on her bed with my mommy and she lives in the sky now, I have 2 nannies in heaven, times like that it’s hard not to get upset.

Earlier this week I was reminded of the frailties of life, in a card from friends I’d not seen for 2 years, so I phoned him, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor a few months ago the treatment is going very well and has set goals to reach, I’m hoping to go and see them sometime next month

I wish everyone who reads this a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year



Expecting Times

December 21st 1978 Vicki was very pregnant our 2nd baby was due on 26th boxing day, and Vicki was concerned that she wouldn’t be here for our son Lee over Christmas.

The midwife had told things would be alright and not to worry, obviously she didn’t know Vicki very well.

This week was a busy time work wise for me today I was only local and then prep coach for early start tomorrow morning 4,30am start.

Tuesday 22nd a long day, little did I know just how long, taking a party shopping in London, phoned home couple of times check how Vicki was, reply just chilling with Jane friend and neighbor. Returned home 6.30pm, I was a bit annoyed Vicki was lying down said she didn’t feel well, Lee was playing

Then Vicki told me that lunch time she had a curry pasty followed by Castor oil in orange juice, and that she felt ok till she went to see her aunt at her mother’s and had a cup of tea, when home the pains had started, 7pm I phoned the maternity unit they said to take Vicki in.

Jane had Lee and I put Vicki into our mini, we arrived at maternity just before 8pm,i the midwife said that it would be a long night, so Vicki was prepared put into a ward nurse left. After about 10 minutes Vicki said call the nurse my waters have broken, the nurse said I don’t think so it’s too early, she looked and said she could see the baby’s head.

They rushed Vicki into the delivery room and I was asked if I wanted to be there for the birth, Vicki gave me one of her looks so I said yes, midwife said in that case you can hold her hand and support her neck, it was all over very quickly our daughter was born just before 9pm. I felt drained having been awake since 3am, but so proud to have shared the birth of our daughter with Vicki. Nurse asked if I would like a cup of tea yes please, I have never seen or had tea like it since, the nurse said it’s just what you need.

Vicki didn’t tell the midwife or nurse what she had taken that day, they were surprised by the quick birth, Vicki was allowed out on Christmas eve I was told not in the mini so her sister picked us up.

Our daughter Nikki was our Christmas gift.