For Carers week

For 5 long and wonderful short years I was a full time 24/7 carer for my late wife who had MS,  and now  I’m a redundant carer, and I miss everything about that life that  I had.

For those who are not, for those who are and those who are daunted by the word and work of a carer. It can and will be the most stressful and rewarding time in your lives, you probably won’t be paid in cash but the rewards and feeling you have being a carer are not measured by the trappings of life riches.

Yes I miss being a carer for Vicki, to some people the lack of sleep, menial and mundane everyday tasks 0ne performs for a loved one, should be done by a paid professional, they may love their job, but you love the person.

After 5 years of a carer’s life I would like to think that I became the best that I could be, you are always fighting to get the best equipment, treatment and whatever medicine they require just to make their life a little more comfortable, they don’t ask or complain, communication can be difficult they may like Vicki give you the finger or The look Vicki was good at both, but however they communicate you love and care for them for who they are.

I never thought of it as a job or work, to me it was my chance to show how much I loved sharing our life together, sometimes I would sit quietly and watch while Vicki slept, hold her hand.

If you’ve read this then thank you for taking the time, if you’re a carer don’t be afraid to ask for help, there is a lot of support if and when you need it.

It is still a little difficult for me to put into words my role as a carer.


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