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Oh the words of the able bodied

Friday 24th April I took my friend who has aggressive RRMS, can’t walk unaided and is visually impaired, to see her brand new built apartment. Supplied by her local housing association, described as ideal for her complete with a walk in shower.

It’s so typical of non disabled people to say oh what a lovely place, it’s perfect for you, all on 1 level, kitchen/diner so you don’t have to walk far to also the lovely shower room.

I said that she should arrange for her OT to go with her to view it, but No she will do so when she’s moved in, she is a stubborn and determined woman.

The removal men were there to look at it as they would repaint the walls over the weekend, I remarked on the shower not being a walk in, one said all she has to do is open the doors step over sill and move as she closes the doors easy

The good points are no stairs, that’s as far as I would go, bad ones the electric gates vibrate against the outer wall when opening/closing, shower room with wash basin toilet shower cubicle in a room probably 3m x 2.5m, toilet is 30cm from shower with triple doors, so you have to manoeuvre as you close them a 3-4cm lip (as they call it ).

I didn’t say much and as we were leaving the external door intercom didn’t work, builder said it will be ok.

I’ve had a chest infection for 4 weeks and just started anti biotic’s so the day she moved in I was quite bad , I phoned her 2 days later, intercom still not working so she has to keep getting up to open the door, raw sewage coming up the shower drain and flowing over the floor.

I phoned and went to see her on Saturday afternoon, she passed me the key though the window, once inside she told me the intercom still not working the room was cold, this lady always has the heating on at least 21c, she was cold the heating was intermittent, her bedroom radiator was cold. we chatted she will phone her OT on Tuesday. I had taken her some heat pads I brought from Naidex, she used all 3 on her feet most of her cloths are still in suit cases before I left I done a micro meal she asked for. At least her mother will be with her Sunday and Monday.