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The Last Goodbye


It is now 2 years today April 5th 2013 that I, my children, family and friends said a last goodbye to Vicki (Veronica). Where has the time gone? They say that time will fly by when you’re having fun, but it’s not much fun trying to adjust to living without Vicki. I admit I have had some fun times with my daughter; granddaughters, one sister-in-law and couple of friends.

Friends I’m not sure I could call some friends, when you or partner has a chronic illness, the people you thought of as such seem to disappear, they say I’ll visit, or phone and gradually visits phones calls and txt’s stop. Then they all send cards, some say I wish I’d phoned or come to visit more, or I thought that one day we would have kissed and everything would be ok, they all want to come to the funeral, then it’s we must keep in touch and have lunch or a drink, but time passes.

So the day was to celebrate the life of Vicki, which we did with food drink and talks of Vicki and a laugh or 2. Although some might say it was cut short, Vicki and I packed a lot into our 42 years together, nearly 38 of those were married life, we made love in many different and unusual places, we enjoyed our life together and I have no regrets other than Why. Was It  fate that brought us together and so it was fate with the MS, I could not have had a better friend and wife.

So it is Easter Sunday I’ve cooked roast lamb with roast vegetables baby potatoes, the vegetables I enjoyed  while listening to ANDREA BOCELLI  the cats had the lamb all 3 cats loved it. I was doing ok till “The Time To Say Goodbye” came on, as it was played at  the end of the service for Vicki.

If you are reading this than thank you, if not thank you anyway.

Have a good life don’t be afraid to do the unusual or the unexpected..