Listeningto the Spirit World

I believe that anything is possible, and have an open mind, many people visit a spiritualist or medium and find comfort in doing so it’s not for everyone, but what my daughter told me made me cry mainly because Vicki is happy again.

I went to my daughter’s (Nikki) yesterday afternoon, not stopping for dinner just a cuppa and a chat, as I was going to my local council’s Scrutiny committee meeting later.

Over a cuppa she asked me if I had a problem with my arm, (this is the conversation) I said its my shoulder and asked why, she had been to see a medium that morning for a reading, and her mom told her, (Nikki asked why I hadn’t said anything), also that I was to do more and move on. Nikki said I’ve told him he does too much and to rest more, No he needs to get out more and enjoy his life because it’s precious, and she loves us all very much

Nikki is then asked why Christmas day special is for your mom and dad, because she is smiling, Nikki laughs and said it’s personal, I only told Nikki why a few days ago.

Your mom is stamping her feet and it’s as if she‘s kicking her leg, do you know why? Yes she had dreadful spasms due to MS. Your mom says she should have talked more about her MS when you were little, and she never wanted it to turn out the way it did, but she’d had enough and was tired of fighting, and felt it was her time.

Has your dad mentioned anything about dreams? Because your mom visits him often in his dreams, Nikki says yes quite a few. Your mom had difficulty speaking didn’t she, also she had  problems other than MS, she keeps pointing to her chest, she talks about our granddaughters and how proud she is, she has had her hair done and it’s her own natural colour (red).

A friend of your mom’s with initial G, is going through a bad patch at the moment, this worried my daughter and could only think of one person so she sent a txt explaining why, the reply was yes and she told Nikki.

That’s it apart from one of us will have a problem with a door on a tumble dryer.

I might pluck up the courage to visit a medium one day, till then I’m content  with my daughter telling me about her mom and knowing they’re both happy sharing this bond.


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