Fate and Destiny

I have just watched a film called “Dear Santa”, it’s about a woman looking in a store window when a letter is blown in front of her, she grasps it and see’s it’s addressed to Santa and reads it.

To some this is called fate.

That is what happened to me December 1971, I had sent a Christmas card to Vicki early December and not had a reply, so arrangements were made for me to spend Christmas day with some friends.

A couple of days before Christmas I had a phone call from Vicki, she told me I had a missed word in the address, she explains that she was talking to a customer whose hair she was cutting, one thing led to another and by chance or fate the card was given to Vicki.

Vicki said she had asked her parents if I could stay, and they reluctantly agreed. I must admit I was over the moon, I booked a taxi for Christmas eve, after work.

Christmas eve I packed a few things in a bag and left the hotel where I worked at 1am Christmas morning and waited for the taxi in the office, it came and I arrived at Vicki’s home at 3am.

As I walked up the drive she stood in the doorway, I will always remember her red hair and with the light shining behind her I could see through her nightdress,  We had a truly wonderful time together, her parents were quite good about me being there, although I did hear her mother telling Vicki to stay out of my bedroom that night and many nights after.

Boxing day morning It was time to leave as I had to work, as they say in life nothing is easy, I had to walk from Lichfield to Burton on Trent about 13 miles was late back and in trouble, but it was worth it. After all it was fate and my destiny.

So the 25th is the most memorable date for me as it represents the start of our life 25/12/1971 and end 25/03/2013 of my life with Vicki.

I still have the Christmas card that started it all, as Vicki kept it safe.


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