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Wedding Vows Completed

Wedding Vows Completed


It is now 12 months 12 days and counting since Vicki passed away,

I have added to my bio on twitter, I feel that I have completed the vows that Vicki and I made on our wedding day on June 28th 1974.

You never think that one day they will come true!!!


It was a wonderful day, 2 of our friends were also our wittiness’s, and they drove us to the registry office in Newport Isle of Wight for the service.

To love honour and cherish till death do us part, all too soon it was over and we were Mr& Mrs.


Those few words can mean so much, and yet not many think about them again, to some they are just words, to others they mean far more, it’s the start to a whole new life,

I never thought about them until recently (hence these words).


I was very fortunate that I was chosen to share Vicki’s life, even before her MS and after she was always there for me, we shared the last 27 years 9 months with many a smile, tears and laughter and of course with MS.

I now have a new life I share it with my new twitter family who mostly have their own life’s battles, and share the ups and downs of daily life.


Yes unlike Vicki I will grow old, and the memories with her may fade, but till then they are strong and I can cope with that.


I have new adventures to plan and 1 place to visit soon a return to the Isle of Wight to sprinkle some of Vicki’s good will ashes, till then tweeps and bloggers watch this space.